Teaching guitar performance of tango and argentine folklore


Composers and performers have raised Argentine guitar to a high national and international level. This instrument has been related to tango and folklore since the very beginning. Excellent guitarists have devoted their lives to studying and expanding Argentine guitar music. Presently CORDAL TRIOR is expanding this art through concerts, “Ciclo de guitarras argentinas” festival and Masterclass.

 Proposal for studying:

Previous arrangement via Skype or through electronic mail, CORDAL TRIO® will send an arrangement for guitar groups (duet, trio and quartet) made in PDF.

When the time for studying the play is over CORDAL TRIO® will impart knowledge about:

Rhythm: how to mark basic rhythm of tango, waltz and milonga. Contratempo, rhythm varieties.
Melody: melodic line: first voice, second and eighth. Ornamental or closing passages: arpeggio and scales. Moods and passages which are characteristic in the genre. Introduction or interlude. Variations.
Harmony:chords performance using rhythm structures as accompaniment. Cadence. Substitutions use. Modulations.

Costs:Two individual classes, one hour´s time each, partiture transcription and sending
by PDF: € 75.
Way of payment: Payment in advance corresponding to two classes and an
arrangement in PDF through The Moneygramm® service.

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